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Finned Tubes
Provided heat exchanger tubes are employed for the re-heating, cooling or heating of liquids, gases, or air in extensive businesses, for example, aerospace, nuclear power generation, oil refining, hydro carbon processing and chemical processing. In addition, our tubes can be offered in C-formed, U-bent and straight length to the end-users.

Studded Tubes
Electric current is deployed in our studded tubes by contacts on resistance, tube, stud as well as resistance in the circuit that delivers the heat fundamental for soldering. Most extreme resistance and hence, optimum heating takes place at the edge between the tube and stud. Tension to manufacture the tube and stud together at maximum heating is employed by numerous tooling forms.
Aluminum Fin Tubes
Principally employed in elevated temperature and corrosive atmosphere conditions, our aluminum fin tubes are composed by packing an aluminum sleeve on the primary tube. Extended pressure changes the aluminum in the end blade profile. In addition, our fin tubes have complete bare tube protection from corrosion. Our tubes have elevated mechanical strength.

Welded Spiral Fin Tubes
The real uses for our welded spiral fin tubes are related with thermal recuperation in furnace, gas turbines and boilers usages in petrochemical business. Our tubes are helically twisted and constantly soldered to the tube through elevated recurrence electric resistance soldering of serrated or strong welded fins.
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Provided air cooled heat exchanger confronts the requesting necessities for thermal transfer procedure in power and process generation, gas, oil as well as chemical usages. Exclusive PC models are employed to improve heat pressure drop and transfer surface. Sheaves, belt drives, fans and different other mechanical parts are integrated for simple handling and unwavering quality.
Convection Modules And Coil
A solitary heating unit in reflow framework is alluded to as our convection modules and coil. The thermal exchange is affected through flowing hot nitrogen or air. In addition, the outline of our product is that the fan flowing the medium dependably suctions just that nitrogen or air it has already ousted.
Surface Condensers
Provided surface condensers are normally employed term for tube heat exchangers and water cooled shells introduced on exhaust steam in thermal power plants from steam turbine. Offered condensers are thermal exchangers that transform steam from the vaporous to the fluid state at tension below air pressure.
Heat Recovery Steam Generation Modules
Our heat recovery steam generation (HRSG) modules are energy recuperation heat exchangers that recoup thermal from stream of hot gas. It delivers steam that can be employed to power steam turbine or in cogeneration. These modules are cost-viably intended for hefty cycling tasks that enable customers to electricity cost, improve flexibility, improve reliability and support execution.
Extruded Aluminum Fin Tubes
The extruded aluminum fin tubes are created helically out from a single or bi-metal walled mono-aluminum tube. Further, the outcome is a necessarily framed finned tube with an amazing fin-to-tube adhesive giving uncommon productivity and life span. Regardless of whether unpleasant administration, extended temperatures, or destructive condition, our blade tubes are an extraordinary choice for thermal exchanger applications
Oval And Welded Elliptical Stud Tubes

Oval stud and welded elliptical stud tubes are soldered on hard material all through the extent in a particular pattern. Our stud tubes are employed in refineries fired heater, water tube boilers as well as elevated thickness unrefined petroleum, which passed from studded tubes that are externally heated. Through our tubes, liquefied material comes out

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