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Our Strengths

Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment from Akshar Precision Tubes Pvt. Ltd enables you to keep your work area extremely functional,  efficient and productive. We are providing everything that our customers need to shift, port, store or ship. Whether our valuable clients require pallet trucks or replacement conveyor belts, they can find all these here.
  • Existing 1 No.- H.O.T Crane Having Lifting Capacity of 50 Mt. / 15 Mt.
  • Existing 1 Nos.- E.O.T Crane Having lifting capacity of 15 Mt
  • Existing 1 Nos.- E.O.T Crane Having lifting capacity of 2 Mt.
  • Existing 3 Nos.- E.O.T Crane Having lifting capacity of 5 Mt.
  • Existing 8 Nos.- E.O.T Crane Having lifting capacity of 3 Mt.
  • Existing 1 Nos- Weighbridge having capacity of 60 Tons Capacity
  • Existing 1 No- Mobile Crane (HYDRA) Having Lifting Capacity12 Mt
  • Existing 1 No.- Goliath H.O.T Crane Having lifting capacity of 30 Mt/ 5 Mt
  • Existing 2 Nos.- H.O.T Crane Having Lifting Capacity. 5 Mt. / 2 Mt.
  • Fork Lifts And Pallet Trucks As Needed
  • Existing 2 Nos -Air Dryer Having 167 Cfm At 10 Kg/Sq.Cm.
  • Existing 2 Nos.-Water Softening Plant -
  • Existing 1 Nos.- Electronic Weighbridge Upto 60 Mt
  • 3 Nos. 1000 Kva Transformers & 1 No. 500 Kva Transformer.
  • Designated Area For Tube Unloading & Fin Storage.
  • Dm Water Plant.
  • Existing 1nos.- Diesel Generator Set Having Generation Capacity of 500 Kva.
  • Existing 2 Nos.- Bore Wells
  • Existing 4 Nos.- Air Compressor Having 167 Cfm At 10 Kg/Sq.Cm.
  • Existing 5 Nos.- Water Chillers
  • Existing 6 Nos.- Cooling Towers
  • Radiography Black Room & Earth Pit.
  • Ro Plant.
  • Shot Blasting Area & Enclosure.
Industries We Serve

Our organization is committed to offer higher value, less cost and best returns on client's capital investment. Therefore, we have gained huge appreciation from reliable as well as well-known industries. Some of the industries that we serve are as below:

Below are some of the industries we Serve :
  • All Petroleum Refineries
  • Cement Companies
  • Captive Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Gas Based Projects For Thermal Power Stations
  • Petrochemical Complexes
  • All Areas Having Heat Exchanging Zones Like Furnace Heaters And Stacks, Heat Recovery Units, Boilers, Whru , Economisers, Acc, Ache, Hrsg, Fg Boilers, Etc.
We Also Provide To All Epc Contractors For Construction Of Any Type Of Plants that have Heat Exchanging Process.

Infrastructure Facility

Akshar Precision Tubes Pvt. Ltd is backed with Fully Equipped Workshop that have A Total Plant Area Of 40000 Sq. Including 7 Sheds ,Parking, Gardens, Offices, Stores, Laboratories, Etc. all the plants are further equipped with their Dm Water Plants, Cooling Plants, Bore Well, Ro Plants, Furnaces, and a types of Big & Small Machines Needed For Productions. We also have covered And Open Loading & Unloading Areas With Hydraulic Jacks Overheads Cranes as well as Goliath Cranes according to the needs of particular area from the capacity of 2 Tons to upto 50 Tons. We are delivered products upto 110 Tons (single Piece) With Dimensions Upto 26 Mtr L X 5 Mtr W X 5 Mtr H From this Plant.

Production Capacity
  • Longitudinal Fins of 1,00,000 Mtrs per annum
  • 4,00,000 Mtrs. of helically wound wrap on type Aluminium fin tubes (G & L) per annum. (can be increased)
  • Extruded fin tubes of 2,00,000 Mtrs. (can be increased)
  • Fabricated pressure parts of 80 tons per month(can be increased)
  • High frequency welded fin tubes of 20,00,000 Mtrs per annum (can be increased)
  • Non pressure parts 120 Tons per month (can be increased)
  • Oval Studs of 16,00,000 per annum (can be increased)
  • Square fins of 30,00,000 (can be increased)
  • Standard frequency welded Studs of 4,50,00,000 Nos. per annum (can be increased)

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